Dress Code Guidelines for Uniform Dress


Jumpers and Skirts - reach below bottom of knee cap when standing and sitting,  Uniform style.

COLOR: Plaid, Dark Khaki, Dark Navy  (Plaid must be purchased at Fischer’s)

Shirts and Blouses – Oxford (button up with a collar) or Knit, long or short sleeve, no cap sleeves

COLOR: Dark Navy, White, Yellow

Sweaters – Cardigan or V-Neck Pullover, no sweatshirts

COLOR: Dark Navy



Pants (guys) – Uniform style

COLOR: Dark Khaki, Dark Navy


Belts – any material, conservative style, preferably leather

COLOR: Dark Navy, Black, Brown


Shoes – soft sole, no boot styles, no open toe or heel, no hiking style

COLOR: Black, Brown, Dark Navy


Socks – crew socks, knee socks, tights, no ankle socks or leggings

COLOR: Dark Navy, White, Yellow (for girls)

Undershirts – Must be solid white and must not show below the uniform shirt/blouse or below the sleeve.

Uniform clothing may be purchased at any location except for plaid skirts and plaid jumpers which must be purchased at Fischer’s Parochial Fashions.  Fischer’s does carry the full line of uniform clothing for your convenience.  Fischer’s has two locations, one in St. Peters (Jungermann Rd., 636-939-3344) and one in Florissant (N. Lindbergh, 314-921-9972).  Please tell them you are from New Life Christian School so they can give you the proper uniform set options.



****If you have any doubt as to whether or not a uniform item you are purchasing meets guidelines, you may want to inquire as to the store return policy and keep your receipts.  Feel free to bring any and all items by the school for confirmation of their acceptability. ****